The Biological Activity of Batissa violacea celebensis Marten 1897 Extract towards the Proliferation of Lymphocyte Cells and Cancer Cells

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Sri Anggarini Rasyid , Suryani As’Ad, Upik A Miskad, Rahmawati Minhajat, Agussalim Bukhari


Marine molluscs and their bioactive compounds are of particular relevance to the growing pool of nutraceutical resources under global investigation. Pokea clam (Batissa violacea celebensis Marten 1897) is of bivalve from the Batissa violacea celebensis is one type of clam that lives in freshwater. Corbiculidae family originating from Pohara River, Southeast Sulawesi Province Indonesia. This study aims to conduct an exploration of lymphocyte cell proliferation activity, and identify the anti-proliferative even of Pokea clam extract in some A549 cancer cell lines, Hepatocarcinoma, and MCF-7 using in vitro method. The lymphocyte cells proliferation test and anti-proliferation test used the MTT reduction method using several concentrations, namely 10 μg/ml, 100 μg/ml, 500 μg/ml, and 1000 μg/ml. The result showed that the best result occurred at 1000 μg/ml. The three Pokea clam extracts, at the highest concentration of 1000 μg/ml, showed the increase in lymphocyte cells proliferation as immunostimulator. It is in line with the result in the antiproliferation activity in A549 cancer cells, Hepatocarcinoma, and MCF-7. From the activity, it can correlate with the dosage level (dose-response relationship). This extract sample had never been reported, including its potential biological function as a new immunostimulating and anti-cancer agent. This information may guide future health/nutraceutical clam product development.

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