Sorghum-Based Food Product Diversification to Enlarge the Market as Supporting the Entrepreneurship Product

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Endang Noerhartati, Citrawati Jatiningrum, Lathifah Nur Karimah, Evidiannita Candrawati, Muhammad Farid Rizal


This research briefly aims to examine the opportunities for developing entrepreneurship from innovative and creative products to enlarge the market segment of sorghum products. Research method by quantitative and qualitative method with observations include exploration of materials and variations in entrepreneurial products, and after the data collected is analyzed. The results showed that all parts of sorghum plants could be used as raw material for entrepreneurial products (grains, stems, roots, leaves, rice, flour, and bran). Variations entrepreneur products produced are food products (various cakes, breads and cookies), functional drinks, and various fermented products, health products, cosmetic products, batik products, and souvenir products. The findings also proved that in the era industry 4.0 that have creative and innovative ideas in developing entrepreneurship especially various sorghum-based products

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