Message in Culture Nyaneut from Ethnic Sundanese Tradition (Case Study on Nyaneut Festival in Garut Regency, West Java Province)

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Wawan Hernawan, Hasan Basri, Agung Syaputra


The purpose of this study to find out more about the festival nyaneut as a means to institutionalize the culture in the community nyaneut Ethnic Sunda and preservation of the occurrence of a culture in the perspective of communication and cultural messages Nyaneut on Sunda Ethnic traditions in the festival nyaneut. This study used a qualitative approach. Research using qualitative approach seeks to focus his studies on the reality as a product of human thought with all forms of subjectivity, emotions and values espoused. Through a qualitative approach, expected to unfold a picture of the actuality of the social reality and the perception of the research objectives. The results showed that the culture nyaneutpeneitian initially as a habit in the SundaUrang drank together, accompanied by the traditional snack of boiled cassava and sugar in the area around Mount CikurayGarut. This habit then entrenched into a distinctive and unique tradition in Ethnic Sunda. The values contained in the tradition nyaneut value lies in gathering more in priority. Festival nyaneut a means and an effort to preserve tradition and culture nyaneutSunda. Festival nyaneut and nyaneut tradition has become the identity of Sundanese culture, especially in the community around Mount Cikuray. Preservation is necessary to prevent its sustainability remain and can be maintained. Nyaneuttradition has been the hallmark of the procedure UrangSunda tea drinking habits.

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