The Role Of Women In The Publication And Preaching Of Isalm In The Era Of The Holy Prophet (S.A.W)

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Dr. Samina Begum, Dr. Hashmat Begum, Dr. Fatima, Nida Aman


Human being was created as the representative of Allah. Both man and woman are required to play an imperative role for the cause of serving humanity in a better way. No progress in the field of religon and culture can be possible unless and until woman plays her divergent role in the society. Women had  no contribution in the development of the world in the ancient period before Islam . Islam raised the status of woman to a great extent.  Islam has valued and blessed the ststus of women to the highest ranks. The valuable status , given by the  Holy Prophet (S.A.W) to the females , motivated them to play important role in the invitation,preaching and publication of Islam. They also performed their services in time of wars.

By playing their great role , these  pious female companians have become the role models and great symbals in terms of religion and ethics and become the great  sources of success for here and here after. It is a matter of fact that woman occupied an important place during the Islamic Era and played an active role for the uplift of Society.

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