Discourse Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as a Global Culture for Indonesian Artist Especially in Bali

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I Nyoman Lodra


Discourse Analysis Research of Intellectual Property Rights aimed to find out how the global culture is accepted by Indonesian artists, especially in Bali. Indonesia, including developing countries, has adapted the culture of developed countries into the IPR Law. After being implemented in the global market constellation, there was a resistance in developing countries. Indonesian culture, especially Bali, is based on Hindu values. The traditional artist in Bali are often ignored, a priori towards the global culture as a resistance form. The focus of the problem is: (1) what is IPR resistance form for artist in Bali? (2) what is the cause of IPR resistance artist in Bali? (3) what is the impact of the artist resistance in Bali to IPR ?. Objectives; (1) to describe the resistance form of artist in Bali (2) to find out the causes of resistance of artist in Bali (3) to know the resistance impact of artist in Bali to IPR. The benefits; research results: to find solutions to overcome resistance to IPR. Data analysis used discourse theory, social practice theory, and deconstruction theory. Data collection techniques; observation, interview and documentation. Data sources, primary and secondary, validity with data triangulation, source triangulation. Finding: internal and external factors of traditional artist in Bali.

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