Improving Students’ Grammar Mastery in Writing Recount Text by Using Dyadic Essay

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Masitoh Oktavia, Januarius Mujiyanto, Hendi Pratama, Dwi Anggani L.B


The objectives of this research are (1) to describe how Dyadic Essay could improve grammar mastery in writing recount text by applying the appropriate type of Dyadic Essay, kind of recount text, and kind of exercises are needed by the students; (2) to describe the class situation when the Dyadic Essay is implemented in teaching writing recount text. The method of this research is Classroom Action Research. The subject of the research is eighth grade students of one state junior high school in Surakarta. The research was conducted from December 2019 to March 2020 and the treatment was conducted from January 2020 to February 2020 and it was carried out in two cycles with 8 meetings. The procedures of the research consist of planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The research data were analyzed by quantitative and qualitative analysis. The results of the research were obtained from comparing score among pre-test, test in cycle 1, and test in cycle 2. It showed that Dyadic Essay technique could improve students’ grammar mastery in writing recount text especially writing personal recount. The exercises needed to the students are reading the text, writing practices, and did homework. From the classroom situation, I found that (a) the students had stronger intrinsic motivation and greater interest in the topic; (b) the students’ active participation in writing class increased; (c) Dyadic Essay technique is helpful for working in pairs and independent activities. Therefore, the researcher recommended teachers and students to use Dyadic Essay technique as an alternative technique in teaching-learning of writing.


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