The Development of Creative Tourism Activities for Elders and Disabled Tourists in the Military Zone

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Parnpare Chaoprayoon Udomraksasup, Chalermchai Panyadee, Jariya Koment, Pornchai Suksirisopon


This research had the objectives to 1) study the elders and disabled tourist behaviors in the area under the military zone 2) develop creative tourism activities suitable for the elders and the disabled and 3) evaluate creative tourism activities for the elders and the disabled in the area under the military zone. This research used the mixed method, both of quantitative method and the qualitative research method and used the study area at the Petroleum Museum and Learning Center, Department of Military Energy, Fang district, Chiang Mai province. The unit of analysis was the groups of elders and disabled for 400 persons. Data analysis used descriptive statistics and the qualitative data were analyzed using Content Analysis.  The research results revealed: 1. Results of the study the behaviors of the elders and the disabled tourists in the area under the military zone. 1.1) In terms of the tourists’ demographic information in the Petroleum Museum and Learning Center showed that most were female (56.25%), ages 60 years and above (35.50) and most were graduates of bachelor’s degree level (39.25%).  For occupations, most were officers of government and state enterprises (44.25%) and with the incomes between 10,000-20,000 Baht/month. Most did not have physical abnormalities (65.50%) only the smaller portion had physical abnormalities (34.50) and most of the abnormalities were physical or movements in the part of hands, feet and arms. 1.2) Results of studying tourist behaviors found that most came to the Northern Petroleum Development for the first time (51.75%), most studied tourist attraction information but insufficient information (58.75%) and learned from the Internet.  Apart from this, most tourists came during weekday (86.25%), most came in groups of more than 8 persons, very few came alone.  Most traveled with families/relatives (32.25%) and working groups of offices (30.75%) and duration of trips were mostly 1 day return trips and spent about 2,001-3,000 Baht/trip/person and most (70.00%) estimated that the Northern Petroleum Development Center did not charge a fee and the main purpose of the trip was field trip searching for knowledge (30.00%) because it was a learning center for petroleum.  For the duration of touring the center, most thought the suitable time was 3 hours (51.00%).  2. Development of suitable creative tourism activities for the elders and disabled in the area under the military zone resulted in learning about petroleum and the history of Fang Oil Business, history of JaoporKhormue lek (Iron-wrist the Guardian), Walk-Run for health, making dolls and souvenirs, Walk Rally searching for RCs, Zip line adventure, boy scout camping, sufficiency economy garden, taking photographs and check-ins and tasting coffee and delicious food a Fang Beach. 3.Results of the evaluation of the creative tourism activities for the elders and the disabled in area under military zone by 10 volunteer tourists who evaluated tour routes and tourism activities found that the tourists had the highest level of satisfaction ( =4.29, SD=0.66) in the activity side ( =4.32, SD=0.67), the creativity of the activities ( =4.36, SD = 0.59) and in the side of process and the steps in providing services ( =4.19, SD=0.73)

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