Juridical Analysis of Terrorism Criminal Sanctions in Indonesia (Case Study of Imam Santoso Criminal Acts)

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Dwi Seno Wijanarko, Fransiska Novita Eleanora, Gatot Efrianto, Otto Fajarianto


Terrorism is a crime against humanity and civilization and is one of the serious threats to the sovereignty of each country because terrorism is an international crime that poses a danger to security, world peace and harms the welfare of society. One of the terrorist criminal acts committed by Imam Santosa. This research is to look at the case of Terrorism Criminal Sanctions in Indonesia (Imam Santosa alias Abu Umar Bin Kosasih Bakri). This research is a normative legal research (Case Study). The results of the study stated the criminal prosecution of perpetrator. In accordance with the basic idea of the double track system in imposing sanctions on terrorists.


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