Reading The Naration of Nation in Al Muayyad Islamic Boarding School at Surakarta

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Ilfi Nur Diana, Mibtadin, Rosidin, Arnis Rachmadhani, Samidi, Lilam Kadarin Nuriyanto, Titi Isnaini Fauzah, Aji Sofanudin, Sitti Arafah, Israpil, Abdul Ghofur, Basman


This research departs from the existing academic anxiety, namely photographing how the role of Islamic boarding schools, in this case Al-Muayyad as a religious education institution and agent of social change in linking between Islamic understanding and Indonesianness. In addition, this paper tries to read the pattern of shifting the narrative of the nationality of Al-Muayyad from pre-independence to post-independence Indonesia based on Islamic values ​​developed. This study uses descriptive qualitative methods, intended to describe the data obtained from observations. The analysis uses cohesion interpretation with the verstehen method, namely the interpretations sought can explain the sociological symptoms observed in accordance with the meanings given by the observed object. Data collection uses observation, interviews, and documentation. The results of the study show that Al-Muayyad as the sālafīyāh pesantren which places Islam as mābdā ’al-hāyāh thus gives birth to Islamic character which is tāwāsüth (moderate) and inclusive. Aswaja as mānhāj al-fīkr provides a frame in the creation of Islam that respects local traditions, pluralism, multiculturalism, tolerance, democracy and other humanism values ​​in accordance with the concept of māqāshīd al-syarī'ah which includes five basic human rights (al-küllīyāt al-khāms). Al-Muayyad as a sub-culture of society that has its own uniqueness in the next aspects of value, such as the way of life adopted, the outlook on life, the values ​​followed, and its own internal power hierarchy that is fully adhered to. As a religious education institution and agent of social change, Al-Muayyad places moderate Islamic values ​​and locality as a medium to build a society that is peaceful, tolerant, and appreciates the diversity that exists. In affirming national identity, Al-Muayyad is based on a dynamic Islamic understanding as a form of “Islam Nusantara”, Islam that is distinctive in Indonesian-nuanced taste by promoting pluralist, populist, and national-minded values.

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