TS-IoT: Trustworthy and Secure Smart Wearable Device for Child Tracking and Monitoring System

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S. Chithra, R. Yugha , Aishwarya. S ,Mythreyi.R ,Niranjana Devi.V


Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that has a pervasive connectivity and when associated with large collections of connected devices over the Internet, significant benefits can accumulate. Nowadays, crimes rate is increase for child abuse. Child safety is a major concern of today world. This motivation, to design of a smart wearable IoT device for children, that monitors their vitals, has been proposed. The wearable device monitors the heart rate of the child and also continually monitors its location. A child, crying for help or otherwise, will have abnormal heart rates. Using this fact, this device deduces if the child is in danger. Arduino technology has been used to integrate all the sensors together. A buzzer present in the wearable can be operated by the caretaker remotely, in case of an emergency. Communication “to/from” the caretakers has been established via a dedicated android application. The proposed system not only ensures the safety and tracking of children but also consider the user gets the Trustworthy data in secure manner. The performance of the Trust scheme is evaluated in the various metrics and make the proposed system is feasible for child safety.

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