The Relevancy Between HRM Policy, Practice, Innovation, and Industrial Demands in 21st Century Job Market: A Systematic Literature Review of International Publications

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Educational and training institutions such as universities and other training centers are often identified with the producer for HR governance. Meanwhile, outside of that as the world of work or industry where they are the ones who will absorb and use human resources utilities. In outside fieldwork, the industry demands that SDM is ready to use, so the task of educational institutions is to prepare with endless policies, training, practice, innovation so that the demands of the industry on SDM can be granted. So for this paper, we will examine several papers of what experts say about education, training, policies, and innovations to prepare ready-to-use human resources. We collect documents by searching online on a data-based Google scholar; then we study the data coding system, analysis, interpretation under the phenomenology approach guide to get findings that match the questions and hypotheses of this review study. Based on the available data, we can conclude that the human resources management that universities cultivate will usually form alumni as human resources who will be of great use to contribute to national development. Therefore, the role of educational and training institutions is very dominant, and they play an essential key in the effort to produce Indonesian human assets of high quality and integrity.


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