Significance of Automation in Automobile Manufacturing Industries: A Review in Indian context

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Ibrahim Shuaib, Dr. AV Nageswara Rao, Dr. Hari Shankar Shyam


The four prime industrial proficiencies i.e. connectivity and computing power, analysis and intelligence, human-machine interface, and digital-to-physical transformation are majorly promoted by the Digitization. These new features have greatly changed the automotive industry by changing the value chain, the value proposition to customers, and the overall business model. The sweeping development from customary creation organization to sensible stock organization has been practiced in various endeavors for quite a while frame. The auto business, as one of the greatest and most convincing endeavors. Because of the worldwide financial break and India's interior government strategies, the automobile business is encountering a genuine emergency after quite a while. Creation systems accepts a critical part in vehicle industry. By adopting a technological approach, auto organization can achieve elite manufacturing status through increasing their profitability. Associations ought to make and save an inclination for keeping up nature of their thing and go inseparable with various competitors and improvement practices in view of the relentless market and fulfill customer needs. Although there is more and more literature in the field of digital value chain management, No review article can comprehensively synthesize the latest research in the field of Automobile industry. To bridge this gap, this article reviews the significance of digital value chain management system in automotive industry with the help of literature published after 2010.

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