Design of automatic pull-up and chin-up machine as automatic tools to count pull-up and chin-up repetition test

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Rahmat Hermawan, Ardian Cahyadi


The Purpose study currently there are no clear rules and tools about how minimum a height of lift when doing pull-ups or chin-ups, which are categorized as one repetition batch. Thus, this research aims to make an automatic sensor to count the number of repetitions of pull-ups and chin-ups automatically. Material and method overall, 15 male athletes participated in this study. Making automatic pull-ups and chin-ups tools using an infrared sensor (microchip, Arduino Uno Atmega328p model) programmed in C ++ language to measure the minimum height limit of a person when doing pull-ups or chin-ups. In this study, participants were required to perform 2 types of measurement movements, namely pull-ups and chin-ups. Results this study shows a strong correlation between automatic and manual tests. This can be seen by the significance of the correlation test between automatic and manual pull-ups (p = 0.004), and also automatic and manual chin-up tests (p = 0.001). Conclusion the automatic pull-up and chin-up tool successfully perform automatic measurements of the pull-up and chin-up tests after being compared to the measurements using a meter stick

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