The Dawan Tribe Of Maubesi Natoni Religion Linguistic And Rites, North-Central Timor In East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

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Zainur Wula, Siti Syahida Nurani, Wahid Hasyim, Hajrah Arifin, Arief Budiono


From The Results Of This Research, It May Be Concluded That The Rites Of The Natoni Religion For The Maubesi People, North-Central Timor Is A Worship To Uis Neno, Which Is A Belief Inherited From The Ancestors With Special Rites. These Rites Involve The Customary Structure, Including The King, The Naisaban Lieutenant, The Tobe And The Amnasit, Which Are Completed With Rice And Betels, And The Ceremony Of Slaughter. These Factors Make The Natoni Religion A Force Or A Local Wisdom Which Binds The Maubessi People Who Have Embraced Other Religions Such As Catholic And Protestant To Carry Out The Syncretism Process Which Revises The Values Of That Belief. Such Rites Are Then Defined As The Same As Worshipping God The Almighty. This Is So That It Is Still Inherited Though There Is The Development Of The Modern Century’s Science And Technology.

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