An Anatomization of Power Distance Index (PDI) of Chinese-American Characters in the Select Novels of Amy Tan

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Dr. M. Manjula, Dr. C. Govindaraj, Dr. G. Manivannan, M. Lavanya


Cultural identity is a feeling of belonging to a particular group. It is the self-understanding that is related to nationality, religion, social class, generation or any sort that has its own particular culture. There are different forms of identifiers that form the culture. Novels of Tan bring out the cultural values through the characters. There are cultural complexities in the novel that makes the characters feel difficulty to attain their identity. There are two types of values that Tan has discussed in the novels. One is American values, which the American-born daughters wanted to follow and on the other side Chinese values, which the immigrant Chinese mothers wanted to follow and make their daughters to do the same. One of the basic dimensions of Geert Hostede is PDI (Power Distance Index) which is used as a tool to analyse the differences between the two nations through the novels of Tan.

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