The Challenges of Resource Allocation in a Growing Multi-Project Environment

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Worakamol Wisetsri


It is not rare for organisations to face new challenges in connection with growth. In order to be able to succeed, they have to explore new markets and create new products with little to no previous experience. Uncertainty significantly impacts these environments, causing challenges that are not always related to technological progress. It is difficult to cope with a situation in which more and more projects are being carried out and put pressure on methods for allocating resources. The project portfolio sets demand for human resources that the line organisation provides to projects through a human resources management system. If there are challenges, the portfolio of the project needs resource distribution and prioritisation to satisfy new criteria. TECHX has been a manufacturer with a range of product solutions that broaden its reach in a small business focused on a specific market segment. TECHX is in a whole different position compared to 20 years ago by exploring new sectors of the industry and hiring more workers. In the management of resource distribution, the organisation has faced difficulties and there is a lot of reassignments of personnel to fire programmes. This contributes to the transfer of capital, which has a negative effect on smooth ventures. This study found that there is no project portfolio management and the emphasis on long-term resource allocation is not adequate. This paper has explored the relationship between project portfolio management, the management of human resources, and daily planning and how this influences the distribution of resources. TECHX simply does not have a management structure in place for its portfolio of projects that has been described as a major factor in the issue of allocating capital. The addition of informal and inadequate contact between departments and managers and the inappropriate execution of the project work have become too difficult for the situation to tackle. This study recommends that TECHX participate through a designated project portfolio manager in the project portfolio. This position will formalise the prioritisation and re-allocation of resources to projects in need. Project teams will profit from co-location to enhance expertise and share experience, reducing the challenges between projects, in order to optimise their benefits. HR needs to be more involved in everyday work to help managers who need encouragement in order to create a sustainable working climate

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