Representations of Radical Feminism in Iraqi theatrical Texts (“Raseef 77” as an example)

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Halah Nouri Kazem Muhammad Ali, Dr. Iyad Kazem Al-Salami


The study of the representations of radical feminism in the texts of the Iraqi theater (“Raseef 77” as an example) was concerned with studying the feminist movements and the issues and problems they face, identifying the causes of sexual discrimination, whether on the political or social level, and trying to provide solutions and treatment in a dramatic way. According to these data, the research included three chapters. The first chapter (the methodological framework) included the research problem that centered on the following question: How was radical feminism represented in the texts of the contemporary Iraqi theater? (“Raseef 77” as an example), the second chapter (theoretical framework) included the first topic: feminism, growth, and the concept; The second topic: the concept of radicalism, as for the third topic: radicalism in the theatrical text, and the third chapter included an analysis of the research sample represented by the play “Raseef 77” by Iman Al Kubaisi.

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