Delusions and solutions in English language teaching in higher education of Pakistan

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Sabahat Parveen, Ahsan Bashir,Maryam Aleem, Samina Yasmeen


The current study designed to investigate the elusive state of English language teaching with possibilities and potentials. A qualitative method is adopted to gather the data. Twenty-one English language teachers were interviewed for this study. The analysis of semi-structured interviews explained that there are several challenges and issues in ELT. The teachers exposed that there is multiculturalism with the monolingual background. The quality of English language teachers is compromised with below-average outcomes. The findings of this study explored the major consequences of the language policy, teaching approach, teaching quality, training, and development, English language curriculum, learners’ attitude, audio-visual aids, workload, and practices. The importance of English as a lingua franca is undeniable. It is suggested that effective language teaching with a greater amount of facilitating and supervision is required. Quality language teaching can supply English language learning as per global demand.

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