Traditional Conservation Methods of Manuscripts Preservation in West Java

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Ute Lies Siti Khadijah, Edwin Rizal, Rully Khairul Anwar, Kusnandar, Nurmaya Prahatmaja


Ancient manuscripts are written testimonies of the thoughts, feelings, and knowledge of civilization and therefore need to be preserved, both in the modern and traditional method. This paper is a qualitative study that outlines the traditional preservation efforts manifested at a rural area so-called the Site of Kabuyutan Ciburuy, Garut, West Java, Indonesia. Observations and interviews showed that the conventional method of preservation of ancient manuscripts at the Site of Kabuyutan Ciburuy was not only in using materials or how the process was performed but also as the whole cultural process. In preventive preservation efforts, they use natural and traditional materials to maintain the content of the manuscript. More importantly, in curative preservation, the traditional element is shown from the contextualization of a particular ritual called Seba Ceremony, which is held every year, making these ancient manuscripts sacred objects and must be preserved.

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