Analysis of Communication Efficiency between Librarians and Users in the Closed Access System Library

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Tine Silvana Rachmawati


This study analyses the efficiency of communication between librarians and users in the library with a secure access system. The focus in this study were interpersonal relationships, team performance, and the process of sharing knowledge. The methods used in this study was qualitative with a case study approach. The research object in this study is the Pharmacy Faculty library in Universitas Padjadjaran, and the research subjects are librarians and library users of the Pharmacy Faculty library. This study indicates that communication efficiency can be created from good interpersonal relationships between librarians and users; the second result is the performance of a solid team between librarians that always be alert to provide appropriate information to users that can meet the needs of the users. The third result is knowledge-sharing activities carried out by librarians to users in every occurrence services can maintain users' loyalty.

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